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Decision Making Process

Over the last few decades, the percentage of the population that is overweight has increased. But even with this trend, a significant portion of these individuals are unhappy with their body image. Many are looking to lose weight but don 't know how to go about it (where to start, who to turn to, what will work for them). There are different motivations for losing weight (e.g. to look better, feel better, become more healthy, etc.). The decision making process under the hierarchy of effects model in this situation is feel, think, do. The decision to pursue a some weight loss strategy begins with the feeling that they are not happy in their current state. These feelings will motivate individuals to research and
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emotional appeal of looking better and functional appeal of feeling healthier). These strategies are intended to build the frequency of the message, can be allocated during television or radio segments related to weight loss issues, and can reach the widest audience possible. Contrary to senior executives’ initial opposition to the addition of a celebrity endorser, the marketing plan will also include such an endorsement. Evidence suggests that the success of celebrity endorsements in previous marketing campaigns will more than offset the additional budgetary expense. This endorsement will begin post-launch (June 2009), following the mass hype brought by direct-to-consumer marketing earlier in the year.

Attracting health care professionals is extremely important and therefore the initial budget allocated to this segment (e.g. less than 5%) will be increased to 10%. The initial strategies will be maintained, and print advertisements will become available within medical publications during pre-launch (September to November 2008), launch, and post-launch activities. This will allow for the dissemination of information about Metabical’s new appetite suppressant compound and fat blocking calorie absorption agent. Moreover, health care professionals will learn about Metabical’s support program which was designed to complement an individual’s weight loss experience. Interactive online
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