Essay on Metabical Case Study

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Mai Nguyen
New Product Planning
Professor Patton
Pricing, Packaging, and Demand Forecasting for a New Weight-Loss Drug Case

1. How does Metabical compare to current weight-loss options?

There are only several other weight-loss options in the market competing with Metabical. The first is prescription drugs. These are prescribed for use only by obese and severely obese individuals. This meant that only individuals with BMI of over 30 who were prescribed weight-loss drugs were using appetite suppressants and fat-absorbing blockers. They had serious side effects associated as well, which meant only a doctor could approve them. But these prescription-drug options did not account for the overweight segment with
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However, the problem with this approach is that it is so specific; it limits the possibility of reaching out to other markets. There could be other consumers who would surprisingly commit to Metabical that Printup does not see yet. If I had to estimate demand, I would probably agree with Printup’s first approach. It allows Metabical to get closely as possible to its target market without restricting itself too specifically to the ideal consumer. The approach also considers who would really be interested in a new weight-loss drug and are actively trying to lose weight. This means Metabical has a great chance of introducing something new and effective to these individuals who are open to another solution.

3. What considerations should be taken into account when making decisions about the package count?

There are several considerations to take into account when deciding on a package account. Printup concluded that Metabical was most effective for 12 weeks. This meant consumers taking Metabical would be most satisfied with their results if they were consistently committed to taking the pill on a daily basis. If the individual missed a day, he or she would not yield long-lasting results and most likely regard the drug as a failure. Printup also had to consider that there was enough for individuals to take a pill a day without forgetting or skipping a day. In order to do so, Printup believed designing a package similar to birth control pills so consumers
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