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Executive Summary: Pricing and Packaging Recommendation

We recommend CSP (Ex 6 –Features) to use skimming pricing strategy and thus we suggest pricing the Metabical at $150 for 1 months supply, with this price Metabical will be able to achieve their objective to enter $ 3.74 billion market for weight control products in the United states and more than 5% ROI within 5 years. For ROI refer (Ex-8(a)(b)(c)(d)) and for pricing and Economic Value Analysis (Ex 7). This recommendation is based on the economic value comparison against other competitors such as Alli and OTC Orlistat. In addition to selling a monthly supply of Metabical for $150, we recommend selling a value pack consisting of 3 months supply – One complete 12 week course for
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Additional Exhibits: Market research data & Demand forecast (Ex-1), CM analysis (Ex-3), Marketing Budget (Ex-4- Referred in
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