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In 2008, a marketing and positioning strategy was needed for Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceutical’s (CSP) new weight loss drug called Metabical. Metabical was touted as being a revolutionary weight loss drug with fewer negative side effects than the usual medicinal weight loss remedies. Metabical has many levels of decision-makers – both internal and external. CSP’s senior director of marketing, Barbara Printup likely reports to the company’s board of directors for her ultimate authority. Printup receives her directions for the Board and then delegates them amongst her subordinates in marketing and sales. During the development phase of the product, Printup was likely constantly in touch with the research and development (R&D) department at…show more content…
If the company were to send sales representatives to doctors offices around the country, they could mention that their drug is one of the few FDA-approved weight loss drugs with clinical results to back up weight-loss claims[4]. The sales people could also mention that unlike other weight-loss pills, some prescription drug plans would cover the cost of prescribing the pill to patients (with hopefully more to come after a 6-month sales evaluation). According to the 2007 research study by CSP, many men and women alike had failed to reach or maintain their weight-loss goals. Metabical had an answer for that: a support program that complemented the pill. The goal of the program was to give better results than what the pill alone could give. The support program gives CSP a significant advantage of their competitors in the market place because it would significantly enhance Metabicals’ users abilities to reach and maintain their weight-loss goals. Metabical users would have access to online weight-control tools (calorie counters, etc), meal plans and exercise plans. There would even be a community forum where members could get personal support from other members. Physicians agree that many patients need help losing weight. One healthcare provider said, “I am impressed with the tools and customized action plans provided in the proposed support program[5].” In order to position the product properly, it might be best to not emphasize the pill aspect of
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