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2) How should Printup think about the segmentation of potential Metabical consumers? Who is the optimal target consumer?
The book of Marketing Management defines “Market Segmentation” as the process of dividing the market into group(s) of similar consumers and selecting the most appropriate to serve. Eventually, the selected group will be called the target market. According to this definition and the case on hand, Printup must decide on the parameters according to which she should start the segmentation process. I suggest using the psychographic segmentation as basis where consumers’ lifestyle is investigated by asking them about their activities, interests and opinions (AIO) and then grouped according to the similarity of their
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Finally, more women (65%) were disappointed with the currently offered weight-loss options compared to 35% of men.
With respect to age, the highest level of women who reported a BMI greater than 25 was spread over the age groups between 35 and 74.
As to the second metric “education level" there exists significant relationship between the level of education and obesity level. The highest level of obesity was recorded among individuals who had the lowest level of education while the lowest obesity level was reported among college educated individuals. This is understandable because education allows individual to have a better understanding of nutrition and body needs.
As to the third parameter, income level exhibited similar relationship to obesity as education. The higher the income the lower level of obesity existed. I can assume that people with higher income have higher education which in turns makes them more aware about health and body image.
4) Given the positioning strategy you chose, what would be your communications strategy to each of your target audiences? Would you change the marketing budget or the IMC mix? If so how? What would the timeline for your communications plan look like?
The goal of the integrated marketing communication plan that has to be adopted by Metabical is to reach the target market that was specified earlier and affect their behaviour by informing them about the features and benefits of Metabical, persuade

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