Metabolic Control of Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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This paper is to critique a study conducted on the metabolic control of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. This one year study examines the impact of education and counseling on the metabolic control specifically in the Mexican population. Burns and Grove (2009) describe sampling as “a process of selecting subjects, events, behavior, or elements for participation in a study”. In this study, the researchers obtained a sample of the population to be studied by using the self-selection method. The participants were selected from a specific geographic area and adults affected by DMT 2 in ambulatory care setting agreed to be a part of the study after a door to door calling was conducted to identify the subjects. Creatinine level was…show more content…
A nonprobability sampling was utilized. The creatinine level was checked before the participant took part in the study. The study participants had a similar socioeconomic status, same genetic homogeneity, and several years of formal education. The Research and Ethics Committee from the school nursing had a chance to analyze and approve the research proposal before the research begins to contact the participants. The researchers informed the participants of the contents and obtained consent from each participant. Participants were given the guarantee that confidentiality and the concept of beneficence would be respected. It was made clear to the participants that they could withdraw from the study at any time. Participation in the research was also voluntary. Measurements were taken at regular intervals on 5 different occasions. Since HbA1C is generally checked every 3 months the time interval was 3 months and the study went on for one full year which is equal to 12 months. Measurements taken include the anthropometrics and clinical as well four questionnaires with likert and multiple-choice scales (Gallegos, ovalle-Berumen, & Gomez-Meza, 2006). The concept of reliability was included in the study. In fact, the reliability of each tool was tested and a value was included in the details about the study. The researchers assigned values to the score per individual to make the comparison process less
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