Metabolic Pathways Essay

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Biology Research Assignment By Pamela Zaharopoulos 11B Part A Metabolic pathways involves the study of series of step by step chemical reactions that produce a final product(s). There are two types of metabolic pathways, pathways that require energy (anabolic) and pathways that produce energy (catabolic). All metabolic reactions do not occur spontaneously, and so need enzymes to occur. When Prokaryotes metabolic pathways are studied, it is very easy to distinguish and group them based on their pathways. These pathways help us understand how certain prokaryotes function and survive and the conditions they need to conduct these pathways, so therefore the conditions they need to survive. Prokaryotes yield a large variety of metabolic pathways,…show more content…
The electron microscope uses a ray of electrons to create an image that shows the ultrastructure of the prokaryotic cells. The electron microscope has allowed the understanding of prokaryotic organisms to improve greatly as it showed all the physical properties of the cell. These include the cell walls, the fact that there is no nucleus or membrane organelles. This could also include the size and shape, appearance and structure type of certain parts of the cell that could help differentiate different types of prokaryotes. It also allowed physical processes to be viewed. These included binary fission, which is the replication of a cell (prokaryotes are asexual) and the overall internal working of the…show more content…
It was a simple and easy to understand description of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. The video wasn’t incredibly detailed, however it gave me the information I needed to understand and translate it into my own words in my assignment. The video is written by a science major and fellow science commentators were involved in the making of the video in some way. A very reliable and informative site. A lot of detail was used in the site which I could use to understand and transfer into my own words for my assignment. It informed me of more specific facts about prokaryotes and eukaryotes I was unaware of and unable to find elsewhere. An incredibly reliable
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