Metabolism : A Machine Fueled By Activity And Temp

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Metabolism: A Machine Fueled by Activity and Temp. Introduction What is metabolism? Metabolism is all of the chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cells and the organism. The Major point of this experiment was to see how and if the chemical processes of metabolism could impact body temperature. However first it must be explained what body temperature is actually measuring. When we measure body temp. We are actually measuring the body’s ability to make and give off heat. When our body is hot the blood cells in our skin widen to help carry the heat to the body’s surface. This is usually when people start sweating. However, when our body is cold the blood vessels narrow. Reducing blood flow causing you to shiver.…show more content…
Your body uses up the glucose it has stored in those muscles. It takes energy (calories) to replenish the glucose in those muscles, so doing exercise burns energy (calories) in the muscles as well as the energy that your body uses to refuel the muscles. Also there is the question of why this experiment is important to the world of biology. The major reason that this is important is the fact that metabolism is group of reactions that dictates all living things, which includes us. It sets the pace, converts the energy, and does much more for our body’s to operate. The Hypothesis of this experiment was that the more action is done the higher the body temperature, which in turn would mean the higher rate of metabolism. As well, it was hypothesized that the highest temp. was of about 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest would be 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The goal of this experiment is so this info can be used to help improves people livelihoods and as well improve their health. Obesity is a major problem that leads to death today, and hopefully the results of this experiment might inspire people to be more active. Finally, there is the overview of lab methods. The system of experimentation used was a closed experiment for that there is a control (normal humans body temp) and a expirementive group (The experimenters recorded body temperature). Methods: Next are the methods that where done in this experiment. The materials used where: A digital Thermometer, human

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