Metacognitive Regulation Paper

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Since I have started college I have realized that being organized and using a planner is very important. I have never really used organization skills since being in school. Metacognitive regulation is a big thing especially the monitoring aspect of it. The monitoring aspect is when you plan and use your personal knowledge and making changes to anything. Metacognitive regulation has three parts to it. There is the planning, monitoring, and evaluating. The first step is planning. That is when you organize using certain strategies and when to use them. For me, I like to use different colors for certain events. For example, blue is math, yellow is reading, and pink is personal activities. That is a way that helps me keep my planner organized and…show more content…
Locus of self-control has two different to it, the internal and external aspects. Internal locus of self-control means that we have control of our lives. More successful people have this self-control. The three in the external self-control which means that our lives are controlled by external forces such as, karma, other people, etc. Internal self-control is what I feel I have learned and grown to have through this class. I feel everything that I choose to do through every day is controlled by what I feel is best. For example, one time I was driving down the road and took too wide of a turn. My car then fell into a pot hole in the side of the road as my tire popped. It was my fault because I took too wide of a turn. I didn’t think that it was karma from something that happened the other day. External self-control is what I used to think about my life. I used to believe that everything bad that happen was from another external force. When I was about five years old, I used to hear everyone talking about karma. I had no clue what it meant until about 8. Karma means that the person’s destiny or fate happens from a previous existence. An example of this is when my sister and I were little; we would fight like siblings would. Sometimes we would fight around family and you would hear someone say “watch out karmas going to get you.” I never really believed in karma, I always thought it was something to say when you didn’t want to take ownership of what
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