Metal Catalyzed Carbon

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Copper-assisted Sonogashira-type coupling reactions are valuable transformations for organic synthesis. C-C bond formation between aryl halides and terminal aryl- and alkyl-alkynes affords the corresponding substituted internal alkynes. Alkynes are the building blocks of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, natural products, biologically active molecules, conducting polymers, nonlinear, optical and liquid crystal materials.7-12 The routine reaction method for Sonogashira-type coupling is the use of a palladium-based catalyst and a copper(I) salt as a co-catalyst.13 The role of the copper co-catalyst is to produce a copper-acetylide intermediate that subsequently transmetallates to the palladium center.
In recent years, many different catalytic systems including copper-free palladium-based catalysts have been applied for this reaction,14, 15 but the use of effective palladium-free systems would obviously be much more interesting in…

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