Metal Music Disorder

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anger disorders tend to be more attracted to heavy metal music.
What is heavy metal music? In 1985, the parents of John McCollum filed a civil suit against Ozzy Osborne citing that it was the music and lyrical content of Ozzy’s album that resulted in their son’s suicide in 1984. John had been listening to Osborne’s music when he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, killing himself (Sampar, 2005, p.180). John’s parents felt that because Ozzy was their son’s idol, he influenced John to commit suicide through the spoken words of his music. The media coverage of this event was intense and parents started to take notice. Mass hysteria ensued with religious groups burning heavy metal records and parental groups taking their concerns to the highest courts in an attempt to filter the content of the music. It was the “moral panic” in the eighties that resulted in the “parental advisory” label that began to grace CD covers everywhere (Brown, 2012, p.21). Ultimately, Ozzy
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According to Sampar (2005), John Vance and Raymond Belknap decided to make a suicide pack one afternoon after listening to Priest’s album Stained Glass. Raymond Belknap was successful in taking his own life, whereas, James Vance survived his gunshot wound to the face leaving him significantly disfigured; some years later he passed away (p. 183). James Vance testified in court that both himself and Belknap began to hear the “chants just do it”, which lead them to leave Belknap’s residence, “taking with them a sawed off shotgun and two shotgun shells” (Sampar, 2005, p.183). In this case, the court found that Judas Priest did not intentionally put that message in the album, so therefore he was found not liable for the death of Belknap and attempted suicide of
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