Metal Sulphuric Acid Mine Research Paper

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Everything that happens through what we do and still doing creates a chain reaction of the ecosystems and because of this, it makes a huge affect on the earth we live in. Mining is an industry that is becoming bigger and bigger, day-by-day and it has that large effect on the earth, but the downside to this is that there is a demand for different rocks that’s also becoming larger and larger, thus causing the need for larger mines and equipment. Another problem that could come with mining would be process control. This can all cause more waste and changes to our ecosystem but it is all under control, seeing as how more and more laws are being placed on this kind of things. Elements and rocks can’t be “grown” like plants can. Sustainable Mining…show more content…
Despite the Acid Rock Drainage being a good thing, it can lead to some horrible things for the ecosystem if it isn’t used submissively. For quite a while, Britannia Mine didn’t have Acid Mine Drainage under control. Britannia Mine was founded in 1900 in British Columbia and it closed down in 1974. Acid Mine Drainage was executing the ocean life beside Britannia Mine, Howe Sound. The acidic water was leaking from the mine and found its way into Howe Sound, making the water lethal to all the sea animals. For years upon years, there were no fish in that one section and in the early 20th century the problem was helped by the government and a few years later, a water purifier was created which has now made it so that the Howe Sound sea life grows. A lime and water concoction gets put into a tank, which has the Acid Rock Drainage matter, which brings the pH level to 9.3 after being at nearly 4. A polymer gets added which sinks all the metal and the water gets drained out. It’s then taken to a purifying tank and the waste is then put at the top of the

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