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“If you came here to see spandex and big hair, this ain’t your band”, Metallica’s “war cry” throughout the early eighties. While the rest of the hard rock bands wanted to get rich and a lot of women, Metallica, as in the words of former lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, “Our hole existence pretty much was guitar, dominating the world and getting liquored up”.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a new wave a British Heavy Metal entering the cassette and 8-track decks of people everywhere. Over in Denmark, current Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, was a hug fan of this type of music. So obsessed with this music, Lars Ulrich wanted to start a heavy metal band... a band that he could play his favorite
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John and Marsha owned a record store in New Jersey called Rock “N” Roll Heaven. Quickly, John and Marsha got in touch with Metallica and asked them to drive to Queens, New York, expenses paid, to talk about a record contract. After arriving in Queens, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich announced to John Zazula that they were kicking Dave Mustaine out of the band next week.
Within the next week of this meeting, Metallica kicked Dave Mustaine out of the band. In exchange, they offered Kirk Hammet, former Exodus lead guitarist, a job in the band. The same day that Dave Mustaine was kicked out of the band, Kirk Hammet flew in by plane to try out for the band.
A week after Kirk Hammet entered Metallica, they began to record their first album, “Kill ‘Em All”. The album was released in the fall of 1983 on Mega Force Records. At first, people had no idea of how to act when they heard Metallica. To help promote the album, Metallica did relentless touring to show that they knew the real meaning of Rock.
Early in 1984, Electra Records offered Metallica a record contract. Obviously, with a little bit of greed backing them up, Metallica signed the contracts with Electra. Later that year, they released “Ride The Lightning." From word of mouth, people everywhere bought the album.
Two years later, Metallica released “Master Of

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