Metamaterial Cloaking: A Document Analysis

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In this document I will be discussing a piece of technology currently used by the law enforcement community called the Taser. My discussion of Taser will also address its history, strength and weaknesses, how the Taser is used, and how the Taser benefits the public. I will also be addressing an idea that has not yet been implemented by law enforcement called Metamaterial Cloaking. My dialogue regarding Metamaterial Cloaking will discuss its potential benefits to law enforcement and the public and also how this technology could be used by a law enforcement manager. This document will address the Taser and the use of Metamaterial Cloaking with regards to the law enforcement community. The Taser is an electroshock weapon that is sold by Taser…show more content…
Once contact is made and both electrodes are in contact with the body, the Taser sends out an electric current that disrupts the targets ability to control the neuromuscular system. The end result hoped for is the incapacitation of the individual being targeted with the Taser. Someone targeted with the Taser will feel an over stimulation of their sensory and motor nerves which will cause strong involuntary muscle contractions. The Taser has several strengths and weaknesses that should be noted. Taser is a great tool in situations involving a subject’s failure to comply with legal orders and also in situations involving physical resistance from an individual. The Taser can be extremely effective in stopping a combative individual who may mean to cause a police officer harm. This device also is used commonly in situations that in the past required the use of a firearm which could cause unnecessary deaths. The drawbacks that I have found from using the Taser is that it sometimes does not work properly to lack of proper contact on the target individual. Another complication with the use of Tasers would be the recent discovery of Taser’s involvement in deaths. It is unknown at this point exactly
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