Metamorphic Rocks: Academic Research Questions

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Question 2 (a) - All research activities begin with a question. Research, in its most basic form is the process of answering that question, or questions. Academic research, though, is a systematic process of collecting and analyzing information so that it increases the understanding of the phenomenon under study. For research to be viable across disciplines it must utilize established principles of data collection and analysis the scientific method. The term scientific method refers to a way of investigation or the acquisition of knowledge through the testing of a theory or hypothesis, then working through measurements (observation and empirical notes) to come up with a result, which should prove or disprove the original theory. Thus, the basic method consists of a) formulating a question or hypothesis, b) designing an experiment or means of collecting data, c) observation or experimentation, d) analyzing the results and considering the proof or disproof of the hypotheses, and e) suggestions for future research. By the very nature of geology, much of the research method revolves around field observations. This is required because of the nature of the large amount of material that is unable to be transported to the laboratory with the exception of samples. Observations are a disciplined for of attention to detail. It is treating the natural world as a clue, not just a perception. Above all, observation is systematic perception it is simultaneously observing landforms,

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