Metamorphosis Analysis

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John Maynard Keynes once said, “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.” 20th century novelist, Franz Kafka would agree with such a statement as he strongly despised capitalism and its faults. In his celebrated short story, Metamorphosis, Kafka explores the cruelty and exploitations of capitalism through the eyes of Gregor Samsa. ironically, he also represents capitalism to further illustrate its barbarity. Kafka’s use of irony is significant for it leaves the readers confused and distraught, making them question the actuality of capitalism. Kafka (or Capitalism) is sympathetic to the proletariat. This includes Gregor and the charwoman…show more content…
This means even the slightest of mishaps would leave us struggling to survive in the world. This cruelty is shown when the Chief Clerk pays a visit to Gregor’s apartment to accuse him of indolence. ' 'Mr. Samsa, what is wrong? You barricade yourself in your room, give us no more than yes or no for an answer, you are causing serious and unnecessary concern to your parents and you fail - and I mention this just by the way - you fail to carry out your business duties in a way that is quite unheard of. I 'm speaking here on behalf of your parents and of your employer, and really must request a clear and immediate explanation. I am astonished, quite astonished. ' ' (Kafka 1). This is the first time in fifteen years that Gregor has been late yet the clerk hyperbolizes the situation and goes on to say that Gregor could be fired. The capitalist world requires loyalty and is cruel because it doesn 't empathize with anyone. The brutality of capitalism and its responsibility causes laborers to become more inhuman as they begin to isolate themselves whilst lacking compassion and mercy. Gregor’s transformation might be physically unpleasant but he is stripped from the burden of responsibility. Kafka is sympathetic to Gregor by turning him into a bug who is excused from working in the cruel world of capitalism.
The charwoman who is introduced later in the story also exemplifies the savagery acquired from capitalism. The charwoman is hired to take care of the heavy work around
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