Metamorphosis And The Stranger

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The existence and purpose of human live has always posed a question for society. To answer this question, philosophers ponder Existentialism. Existentialism is the philosophy that humans exist for no true purpose and that each individual changes essence in his or her lifetime by finding meaning in life through freewill, choice, and personal responsibility without certain knowledge of right and wrong. This theory gained popularity in the mid-1900s after WWII caused many people to lose hope in an ordered world and accept that no cosmic justice exists. According to this theory, no absolute rules govern humans’ lives. This theory appears throughout literature and offers a grim perspective on human existence. The Metamorphosis, written by…show more content…
In addition, Meursault cannot find a solid place in society. He lives alone due to the death of his mother. Society cannot accept the manner in which Meursault addresses his mother’s death. Since he thinks that “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, [he doesn’t] know” (Camus 3), society believes that he does not care that his mother dies. Everyone judges him because he does not relate to the rest of the people. Meursault receives immense criticism at his trial concerning his murdering another man. At his trial, Meursault can “feel how much all these people [the jury] hated” (Camus 90) him. The jury does not commend him or even regard him with understanding about his mother’s death. Some people react to death without actually reacting to it; Meursault subconsciously chooses to do so but receives condemnation. Both characters experience isolation from society.
The characters also think illogically without true reasoning. When Gregor transforms into a large beetle, his first thought is not how to fix his situation. Rather, he thinks to himself, “How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense” (Kafka 7). He does not search for a solution or ask for help but finds sleeping an appropriate response. Later, he continues by concluding that his bug state is a result of “getting up early all the time” (Kafka 7) because “it makes you stupid” (Kafka 7). While not sleeping enough surely does cause people to become tired and the
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