Metamorphosis- Creative Writing Essay

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He glanced out of the window, watching the sky turning from a deep blue shade to a clear, blue, breezy morning. ‘A good day.’ He made a mental note to himself. The sun baked through the curtains, sharpening his enormous shadow. He thought of that fussy factory owner and sighed. ‘ What am I going to say? Hello, Mr. Martin. I’m afraid I can’t meet you in the hotel this afternoon. Guess what! I have had a terrible twist of fate and have turned into a big, juicy vermin! And then he would reply: How nice! Mr. Samsa, have you got tentacles growing from your baldhead as well? That is so insane!’ Gregor couldn’t help chuckling to himself at this thought, interrupted by the creaking noise from the landing…show more content…
He struggled to find comfort for his back, and couldn’t help wincing. He heaved a sigh of agony and placed his head on the pillow, lied on his back, rather uncomfortably, closed his beady eyes and speechlessly waited for that moment to arrive. Heavy footsteps ware approaching. Their shoes clap rhythmically on the floor. He knew he must face it. ‘Greg!’ It’s time for breakfast! Annie is staying for dinner tonight!’ He would have responded but it seemed that he had lost the ability to speak. His heart raced very badly. His mother knocked again. ‘Greg?’ Gregor looked at the doorknob, secretly wishing that it would never be turned. Now he heard conversation and the next moment the door flung open, revealing the affectionate couple, standing consciously in the hallway, half peering into the messy bedroom. He bolted upright. Through his dark eyes Gregor saw the couple petrified and wordless. They seemed too stun to stare and they stood in disbelief. His dad’s eyes shot from the vacant bed to the giant vermin and sneered at him. After a long moment his mum cried softly.’ Do you hear me Greg?’ There was no sound except the heavy heartbeat of the both of them. Greg didn’t realise how this happened but the next instant his tentacles was pulled and his whole body lifted up and swung. He landed on
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