Metamorphosis Essay

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In order to be considered human, one needs to control their own life and have the freedom to express and think. In The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa transforms into a giant insect, terminating his life as a “human” along with all of his tiring duties. Before his transformation, Gregor’s life consisted of little sleep and a strict work schedule with hardly any freedom or importance in his job. Therefore, Gregor underwent a transformation that granted him more advanced human qualities than he had before, when he was simply a working man. After Gregor’s miraculous metamorphosis, he was relieved of his unreasonable toils and was able to develop a thoughtful view of his situation as wells as the critical society that
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This lifestyle trapped him into what he felt was for the benefit of his family, yet also relinquished all of his parents’ duties to care for him, and sent him into a brutal world where he was most appreciated for the pay he earned from work. Only once he became a giant insect, these thoughts were revealed.
Unlike his previous life, as an insect Gregor has time to reflect upon his tedious old life as well as begin to advance in his new life each day. He felt for his family, after putting them through the unthinkable and uncontrollable, like what had been done to him for so long. He even begins to question his family’s care for him, “he would not be in the mood to bother about his family, he was only filled with rage at the way they were neglecting him”(94). Gregor actually began to experience some sort of emotion for the first time, as an insect. He wasn’t very shocked about turning into an enormous bug, which had happened months prior, as Gregor is described as an emotionless and rather peculiar guy. So for him to admit to the human sentiments like moodiness and rage in his situation provides evidence that he is gaining further human qualities. Gregor continuously dwells on his love for his parents and shame about his transformation, and how “the money was gratefully accepted and gladly given, but there was no special outpouring of warm feeling”(78). He doesn’t recall any of the “fine times” that he had with his family, but
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