Metamorphosis Identity Essay

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In order to be aware of Gregor’s transformation in The Metamorphosis, Lacan’s theory of understanding reality, supports the idea of identity. Lacan realizes through the mirror stage that it is one thing to see a reflection of oneself, though, it is more complex than this, since a reflection of someone is just an image, one’s identity is more than we can see (Lacan 72). In other words, one must alienate themselves from others to compare and reach self-recognition. According to Kafka’s story, Gregor has felt isolated from the start, and because he travels for his job he barley makes any social interaction, hence his basis for relationships relies in his family unit where his identity is based on false recognition. But before Gregor’s metamorphosis, he was seen as something…show more content…
It is not until Gregor’s mother faints at the sight of him that Gregor feels like a monster, and she further dehumanizes Gregor by removing furniture from his room (Kafka, 1915). A person is not a person if they have no purpose. The pressure from Gregor’s job, and the provision from his family consume his conscience and nothing is left for him other than what his family has intended him to be. This can be related to Lacan’s theory of the Imaginary; this idea is associated with the ego (Freud’s notion of an individual which serves as a mediator) (Falasiri 2016). The imaginary related to Kafka’s story is the image of the insect, between what is real what is unreal, Gregor defines himself as a subject rather than a human being based on other’s interpretations of his actions. Therefore, the pressure to be productive as a human, actually dehumanizes Gregor physically and mentally, as his identity has morphed him into something worthless than a human. And overall, although Gregor is an insect, he is not anxious by his appearance, but how others view
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