Metamorphosis Is The Absurd Story

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The foremost thing that shocked people when they read Kafka’s Metamorphosis is the absurd story itself. Basically, the story of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” is about a man transformed into a giant bug and died without the exact help of family members. In her essay “Transforming Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis”, Nina Straus points out that the story of Metamorphosis is mainly about the gender role exchange between male and female, “Metamorphosis unfolds by contrasting Gregor’s maimed and dying body with the evolving, blossoming body of Grete, who take Gregor’s place as family provider and favorite”(Straus 134). It is no doubt that Straus well explained the gender role exchange, and also touched partly the conflict between father and son. However, she failed to extend and explain the tragic figure of the father Samsa, which becomes what this paper for. Therefore, this paper is going to offers readers a better understanding of the paradox of male characters who are designated to be both protector and victim of the patriarchal society through studying the character, Mr. Samsa. First all of, Straus’s idea that the male world is the jail for men can be understood as, every man lives under the so – called standard of patriarchal society, they have to have the desire for the superiority to dominate his family. Traditionally speaking, a father figure should be the ruler of the family. This principle also applies to old ill Mr. Samsa, even he has bankrupt for five years
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