Metamorphosis Kafka Isolation Essay

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Gregor Samsa’s State of Isolation Societal isolation. It’s a condition that can affect anyone, regardless of their wealth or social class. It can affect the rich, the poor, the old, the young, anyone really. It is a timeless problem that has plagued society since the beginning. Franz Kafka’s book, The Metamorphosis, helps us answer the question of the causes and effects of societal isolation, and how societal isolation can affect the individual. The main character of Kafka’s book, The Metamorphosis, is a normal, everyday salesman named Gregor Samsa who happens to wake up one day only to find that he had suddenly become a hideous insect overnight. Throughout the book, Gregor experiences neglect, disgust, and eventually complete isolation…show more content…
“His mother was not used to the sight of Gregor, he might have made her ill, so Gregor hurried backwards to the far end of the couch”(Kafka 28). Even though they know he is an insect, they feel so repulsed by Gregor’s new form that their disgust completely outweighs the love they felt for Gregor. Kafka’s writing about the family’s reaction to Gregor’s new appearance can be compared to how people are often isolated in the real world for reasons beyond their control like social caste, physical unattractiveness, race, gender, and other factors that may be seen as unappealing to some people, but are all traits that are really only on the outside. These traits do not define a person, similarly to how Gregor is still human inside, but is a disgusting insect on the outside. Gregor endures his personal hell for quite a surprisingly long time. His sister is one of the only people who still talks to Gregor, but eventually, she couldn’t take it any longer. “They were emptying his room out; taking away everything that was dear to him; they had already taken his fretsaw and other tools”(Kafka 28). As time goes on, Gregor feels like he is gradually being stripped of his humanity especially after his room was cleaned out by his family. Eventually, his sister deems Gregor as inhuman, saying that if the insect was still Gregor, he would have left by then. Gregor’s father and mother both seem to agree with Grete that Gregor must go; that
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