Essay about Metamorphosis of Celie in Alice Walker's Color Purple

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The Metamorphosis of Celie in The Color Purple

For people to be equal they need a chance to become equal by self-discovering themselves. As we are growing older during our childhood we depend on our environment, parents, and peers to create our self-image. Within our environment we are always trying to develop new insights in order to identify, clarify, connect and account for our beliefs. Even the underlying cause of dysfunctional relationships lies in crucial events in our life experience. The environment in which one is raised and developed will have a large affect on the individual. Most of the people that succeed in life come from stable families, in well positioned environments. While those that are not fortunate enough
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. .a man's world"(Klosowski 4). As a result of Celie's environment she never get's a fair opportunity to self-discover until she gets away from her surroundings.

The society in which she lived forced her to act the way she did. Walker shows Celie as part of a community which shares struggles, and women are oppressed by men. In this society, " The white man destroyed the black man, the black man destroyed the woman( Klosowski 5). Celie is dominated and abused by the majority of the male figure in the novel including her stepfather. Her stepfather was a major influence in her life. Her stepfather raped her, causing the birth of two children whom he gave away to an old friend. The second man in her life, her husband, abused her not only physically by beating her but he also abused her verbally by calling her names. These two men left her subdued and passive. She became emotionally dead with this

suppression of her personality of who she was. she was just a person who cooked and cleaned and took care of the children without any consideration given to her. She is uneducated because her father took her out off school as a result of her pregnancies. Celie is raised in an environment where she wasn't allow to have a mind of her own because her father dominated and controlled all her actions. For example, Celie writes letters to God because she has been warned by her
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