Metamorphosis of Celie in Alice Walker's Color Purple Essay

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Metamorphosis of Celie in The Color Purple  

In the book The Color Purple (1982) by Alice Walker, the main character Celie develops from an abused, shy and browbeaten teenage girl into a strong, mature and self-confident woman. This metamorphisis is due to five major factors: Celie observes other successful women, she receives love and appreciation, changes in Celie’s view of God, Celie’s maturation and a bit of luck.

As Celie is brought up, her father sexually molests her over and over again, making her pregnant twice. And as a girl of fourteen, she has to marry an older man named Albert. Albert also bullies Celie as well as beats her. Celie does not know how to fight back. “All I know how to do is stay alive”, she says
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The children of the family are actually the very ones that Celie had with her stepfather. There are ups and downs in Nettie’s life too, but as a whole, she is leading a funnier, wealthier, and more varied life than Celie. Nettie is more educated and she sees a lot of the world through her travels. Celie loves her sister and Nettie’s happiness is Celie’s. Through Nettie, Celie gets another example of a woman that has succeeded.

Having had an ill mother that died when Celie was quite young and having been abused by both her father and her husband, the only true love that Celie got in her life before she met Shug was the one coming from Nettie. Nettie always tried to convince Celie that she was pretty and worth something, but Celie did not really take the credit for those words until Shug said them, and what is even more important, until Shug made Celie feel that those words came straight from the heart. On one occasion, Shug dedicates a song to Celie in front of an audience and Celie writes in her diary “First time somebody made something and name it after me” (77). The love that develops between Shug and Celie is a very strong one. Shug is, except for Nettie, the only person in the world that Celie loves and her love for Shug is so true, so pure, and so passionate. It is very important for a person to love someone, and to feel loved. And when Celie recieves love back from the one and only Shug, her whole
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