Metaparadigms of Nursing Essay

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Each professional discipline has a responsibility to identify concepts that provide a general description of the discipline. It is these concepts that comprise the profession’s metaparadigm (Fawcett, 1984). Much of the philosophy and theory of nursing stems from the work of Florence Nightingale. The diaries, letters, and books that she left behind containing her statements and beliefs have been fundamental to the development of the concepts comprising the nursing metaparadigm (Selanders, 2010). Fawcett’s (1984) stated there was a general consensus among scholars that the concepts of nursing were person, environment, health, and nursing. Some researchers have suggested that other concepts should be added to the nursing metaparadigm. For…show more content…
It was then that I then realized what it was that I had been missing was the fact this lady was taken out of her environment and away from her culture, which is very family oriented. Health Like the other metaparadigm concepts, health is also quite general. Health does not deal with well being in a strictly clinical manner. The concept of health must include an individual's physical, mental and social well being. A person's health must be seen as relative, as it range is quite broad, as it goes from a high level of wellness to terminally ill (Fawcett, 1996). “A person does not need to be disease free to be healthy; rather one must simply maximize optimal potential to be in a healthy state” (Selanders, 2010, p. 85). It is the responsibility of nurses to identify where the patient's health may be on that scale and to take steps to improve their health. For example, patients of mine who are being treated for some type of cancer may consider a healthy day as one where pain decreases or the nausea and vomiting subsides. These symptoms would not be used to measure good health for someone not afflicted by such illnesses. I have often started patients on patient controlled analgesia pumps, as ordered by their physician. I recall one patient who stated her pain had decreased from 10/10 to 5/10. I told her that with dose adjustment by the physician, we should be
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