Metaphor In Langston Hughes

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Name: Jaesung Park

Date: 5/7 2016

Teacher: Mr. Gonzales

Class: English E

What is author’s feeling?

Have you ever thought what the writer was feeling? In most instances, great writing is the result of situations or problems that spark strong feelings. The writer is faced with an emotional situation and uses writing as an outlet. So I want to write about what happened in Hughes’ life and what influenced him.

In Hughes’ life there was lots of spectacle things happened. Hughes was born in in 1902 in Joplin, Missouri, to James Nathaniel and Carrie Mercer Langston Hughes. His mother attended college, while his father learned to become a lawyer, took distance education for
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It may symbolize mother’s dream or the crystal stair may also represent the mother’s motto which is don’t give up. This poem is using “Extended metaphor” because the author is telling that both my life was crystal stair case but it was not. The mother in the poem compares her life to all of the glorious things that is nonexistent. Also in general, crystal is seen as beautiful, pure, clear and valuable. But mother explains that her life is not any of these things. She also showcases her life as being bare, filled with splinters and torn up boards. But Langston Hughes also shows this mother's refusal to give up and stop, and makes the case for fighting through even the unknown as seen below. The entire poem of Langston Hughes uses words, phrases or line repetition. He used ~in’ like climbin’ and landin’ also “I’se has been” used over and over in order to bring rhythm in poem. It also shows Hughes’ hardness of life for example, “I’se been a-climbin’ on” , “reachin’ landin’s”, “turnin’ corners” suggests movement and therefore signifies an ascent that is inspiring. “And sometimes goin’ in the dark / Where there ain’t been no light” makes this poem a story of dark times. So in conclusion, This poem “Mother to son” represents the hardship of his life being persecuted for only being black people. But he gives reader hope and confidence that everything will be better so we have to wait for that time. In my opinion, this
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