Metaphorical Comparison In My Life With The Chimpanzees

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Metaphorical comparison: From the jungles of Tanzania, to the bustling city of New York and to the televised boxing rings of Las Vegas, our protagonists have all gone through laborious preparation to get to where they are today. My Introduction: My Life with the Chimpanzees has nine short chapters. In the first chapter, Goodall introduces the reader to her interests and her upbringing, but focuses mostly on the study of animal behavior, ethnology. She then explains to her reader what her field is and how it was founded and developed. The rest of the novel explains here time at Gombe National Park in Tanzania, her life as another and how she pioneered a new kind of ethnology, the study of chimpanzees. Thesis: Our characters all endeavor to…show more content…
Although at first thought the comparison between an affluent English girl and the world’s most famous boxer, they both share a similar character. Jane Goodall started her life living in Bournemouth where she found her love for animals and how she wanted to use that passion for a carrier. In Sina’s book, similarly, Mike Tyson builds a foundation for his future with intense training so he could be the best. They both went through laborious preparation and obstacles to perform at their highest level. Secondly, as overall characters Jane Goodall and Mike Tyson journey depicted in her books involved obstacles. For Jane her main obstacle was ingratiating herself into the tribes of chimpanzees, because without her being welcomed her research would never have been possible. For Mike, he was faced with numerous obstacles most notably overcoming his underprivileged impoverished childhood. Finally, and most commendable is the character legacies both people left behind. It is obvious that Mike Tyson has left a void in boxing as one of the most prophetic heavyweight boxer of all time. Nevertheless he used his thorough winning formula into a different passion; giving a voice to the animals. He announced not to long ago he has decided to become a vegan and since then he has fought for animals rights. This inexplicably relates to Jane Goodall’s actions…show more content…
Eventually she discovered that the Gombe chimpanzees use other objects such as stems, leaves, and rocks, in exactly nine different ways to accomplish tasks associated with feeding, drinking, cleaning themselves, investigating of other tribes, and as
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