Metaphorical Power of the Article 'Predatory Lending Devouring American Dream'

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Metaphorical Power The primary importance that Constance Ruzich and A.J. Grant attach to metaphor, particularly in the metaphor of predatory lending which is prevalent throughout banking and mortgage industries, is that it aids in the facilitation of understanding. Metaphors allow a person to replace something that is incomprehensible or difficult to understand with something that is considerably more familiar, and therefore easier to understand. Consequently, metaphors become an integral part of communication of ideas since they enable people to relate a relatively foreign concept to one that they can better grasp since they already know it. This notion is especially important in regards to a concept such as formal lending, which largely lacks a formal, standardized definition according to Ruzich and Grant's journal article entitled "Predatory Lending and the Devouring of the American Dream". The authors sufficiently explicate this idea in the following quotation. "When California attempted to devise a legal definition of the term"¦consumer groups argued both that the definition was too vague and that it needed to be broadened (Sichelman). Without a legal definition, the metaphorical implications of the term become even more significant" (Ruzich & Grant, 2009, 627-628). By stating that the "metaphorical" connotations of predatory lending are "more significant" due to the fact that there is not a legal definition of this phrase, the authors are placing a greater emphasis

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