Metaphors And Meanings Of Metaphors

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Metaphors are basically another manner of communication. It is in essence a shortcut to immediate comprehension. You can consider it like an intellectual calculation in which you are comparing one thing to another thing. Metaphors can turn complicated and unknown objects or thoughts into something that can be easily understood by listener. This is because you are taking something that is familiar to the listener and comparing it to something that may be unfamiliar in order for them to get a better understanding. “Metaphors are to be understood as a global term meaning a comparison between two unlike things which serves to enhance our understanding” (Bowman 1996-1997 p. 1). Metaphors can assist speakers and listeners in understanding and communicating with each other about different things and relating those things to their personal views. “These metaphors and their understood meanings could be considered positive or negative, constructive or destructive.” (Bowman 1996-1997) Metaphors are oftentimes unnoticed, but they hold an unbelievably great deal of influence. The usage of metaphors when enthralled in conflict might aid those involved in moving toward a solution or escalate the issues and cause the conflict to get worse. When you are trying to resolve conflict, the metaphors that you choose could assist you during the course of conflict resolution. Being a coach also requires that you pay attention to your customers, team members or employees use of metaphors because it

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