Metaphors In The Windup Girl

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Patricia Cornwell once said, “The root of all evil is abuse of power”. In Bacigalupi’s novel, The Windup Girl, the author exposes the Thailand government and food companies to be evil due to their abuse of power which led to the destruction of Thailand. Controlled by greed, these groups fought amongst each other for control over Thailand’s seedbank, using any means necessary to complete their goal. As a result, citizens and civilians living in the country got involved in the fighting. Through the use of metaphor, setting, and character, Bacigalupi expresses the message that social injustice endured by the many is often the result of an abuse by the few, showing in this case that it was the actions of the government and food companies that were the cause for the hardships endured by the many. Paulo Bacigalupi uses metaphor in his novel to help the reader comprehend exactly what he is talking about. Gibbons, a talented generipper, said that, “We are nature. Our every tinkering is nature, our every biological striving” (243). In this situation, Bacigalupi is using Gibbons to represent generippers around the world. They believe they are justified because the ability to genetically modify species was something nature allowed them to learn. This infers the lack of care powerful groups such as the food companies have for the rest of the world. Bacigalupi evidently conveys how this lack of care is utterly responsible for the amount of social injustice experienced by many around

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