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Metaphysics is the philosophical study whose object is to determine the real nature of things to determine the meaning, structure and principles of whatever is insofar as it is. ( So if the sole purpose of metaphysics is to determine the true meaning of things but everything isn't absolute what is the purpose of metaphysics? The nature of the world can be a ever changing thing. Depending on the generation, part of the world or even when you were born into your family (ex. first, middle or baby child) your views can change. The view that I have is that the world is not only chaos but in total chaos. The definition of chaos from Websters Dictionary, is a state of things in which
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The hate that can exists because of different beliefs and lifestyles extends to our country because some groups of people cannot understand or like the freedom that our country has. This and many other things contributes to the chaos around the world. As long as there is people and cultures around in different parts of the world there will always be differences and peace will be something that we as a society and as a world will strive for. A world without chaos how would that be? I don't think anyone would know or how could we handle it if it did happen. Our minds do seek order out of chaos with out a question. Like I said, I think that all the chaos in the world leads to disagreements then to war. In some way or another I think the solution that we as humans to seek out order in our minds we go to war. True not all the time do we go to war sometimes we have a peace summit or something of that sorts. But order in peoples minds seems like it only comes when they get there way or they are almost forced to take that point of view. Like we have learned, metaphysics isn't always final nor absolute when it comes to nature or science. If you want you can almost come up with an argument for anything about anything. My statements in this paper might be true or they might be totally off, but can anything in philosophy be wrong because it's just thoughts and your own opinion. So basically I think the world is in

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