Metaphysics Is The Study Of Reality Essay

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Meta refers to the Meaning of after or beyond. Metaphysics is the study of reality. On the other hand, Kit Fine describes Metaphysics as follows; “it 's the study of the most general features of reality.” Thus, it is the philosophical study of any widespread characteristics of reality. The study of the nature of the existence of a characteristic will let metaphysician answer and bring about theories for it being there. Some questions Metaphysician think of are as follows: Is there an Evil Demon? If there is a Demon can we control what we do? Are the things we do already determinant? Philosophers try to solve or bring about theories of the nature of any feature in the world. Although the answer is not accurate and trustworthy, their theories will bring about ideas of the nature of their existence. While some mistakenly thinks of metaphysical questions as being scientific questions, scientific questions are usually revolves around either being measurable or experimental, thus the questions that follow: What is the source of planets? That is experimental, what is the speed of an object in motion? That is measurable, or how can we determine the speed on of an object? That is experimental. Some might believe that metaphysical questions are not that useful, thus meaningless, but individuals believe that the question brought up leads to the development of scientific question that could and might have some usefulness for the people.
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies
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