Metaphysics Of Muhammad Iqbal

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Iqbal's metaphysic thought and its connectivity to all philosophers overall tend to be very broad. However, it does not diminish the value of this study entitled Metaphysical Thought of Muhammad Iqbal and His College in Reconstructing Character at Institution of Education, (Case Study at Educational Foundation Prof. Dr. H. Kadirun Yahya)
In this study the author limits within the conceptual scope, the view of Muhammad Iqbal in metaphysics. Also, the factor, background, and view of Muhammad Iqbal in metaphysic scholars on correlation reconstruct character at educational institution Foundation of Prof. Dr. H. Kadirun Yahya. The authors are more focused on the correlation study of metaphysic implementation. The author makes the limit in the
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Dr. H. Kadirun Yahya.
Metaphysics is an interesting phenomenon because metaphysics is always in direct contact with human nature in daily life. In Islam, metaphysics cannot research philosophically. Because Islam is an assertion comes from God while science as a treasure of scholars. Islam is observed and researched as a social phenomenon cannot be separated from the religious social-political aspect [10].
In this study [12] emphasize that there are another sources of experience which are above the experience of normal levels, namely Intuition. The intended experience differs from perception and thought. Intuition is present in human as a reality and is not reached by perception or mind. The reality of self is discovered through the method of Intuition to produce material reality. The essence of the material world is the self which meant to their life. The nature of the material world is constantly changing, and it is not static. In the reality of life, there are not two occurrences of the same. The essence of life is the existence of activities, actions, and movements.
A study conducted by Ach Khozin (2017) explained that Iqbal cries out loud for Muslims to rise from its legacy. Through his poetry and scientific work, he wanted to awaken the Muslim's life force to move on. In his poems, he encourages Muslims to flow-move and does not remain silent. Thus, the essence of life is motion, while the law of life create,

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