Metarepresentational Model

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1. Introduction The development of theory of mind in young children is a significant accomplishment that is imperative to their success in the social world. Theory of Mind (ToM) is the ability to understand that one’s mental states – thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions – differ from the mental states of others. This understanding is crucial in order to understand human behavior and the motivation behind it. A well-developed ToM enables children to engage in healthy social interaction, share thoughts and ideas, and empathize with others. These pragmatic skills are considered to be foundation on which successful social relationships are built. ToM is recognizable around four years of age when children become concerned with understanding…show more content…
According to Leslie’s metarepresentational model, during pretence children are capable of distinguishing between two representations of two simultaneous situations. The first representation is for “how the situation is actually perceived, whereas the other represents what the pretense is” (Leslie, 1987). In order to hold these two differing mental representations, the pretender engages in decoupling. Decoupling occurs when a representations is removed from the real world and placed onto a pretense context. For example, decoupling allows children to say, “This banana is a telephone.” while not perceiving it literally (Leslie,…show more content…
Therefore, the purpose of the proposed study would be to incorporate pretence training into a preschool setting in order to achieve an natural, extended intervention context. It is hypothesized that if pretence training were implemented in preschool settings, children would show improvements in all areas of
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