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Metasploit Vulnerability Scanner Executive Proposal Paul Dubuque Table of Contents Page 3 Executive Summary Page 5 Background Information Page 6 Recommended Product Page 7 Product Capabilities Page 10 Cost and Training Page 11 References Page 13 Product Reviews Executive Summary To: Advanced Research Corporation Mr. J. Smith, CEO; Ms. S. Long, V.P. Mr. W Donaldson, CCO; Mr. A. Gramer, CCO & Mr. B. Schuler, CFO CC. Ms. K. Young, MR. G. Holdsoth From: P. Dubuque, IT Manager Advance Research Corporation (ARC) has grown rapidly during the last five years and has been very successful in developing new and innovative devices and medicines for the health care industry. ARC has expanded to two locations, New York, NY…show more content…
It provides modules for testing thousands of known vulnerabilities, is updated when new vulnerabilities are identified, and is one of the most used penetration testing tools used (Rapid7, nd). Metasploit Pro provides a thorough assessment and explains what needs to be done to reduce the risk of an IS breach. It automates penetration testing and can assist with testing ARC’s personnel for susceptibility to social engineering campaigns. It also integrates with other security programs, many of which are free, to improve results and provide reports that can give IT personnel information on how to better secure the network. Metasploit Pro provides very solid value for the cost which is comparable to that of ARC’s database servers. Training for IT personnel to use the software is also reasonable (Rapid7). Total cost to ARC would be $20 thousand dollars for the software license for 1 year and $12 thousand for training. An annual renewal of the license would be at a negotiated price. Background Information Advanced Research Corporation (ARC) has grown quickly in the last five years. During that time, ARC has seen a large expansion in its data and communications network. Because of its success, ARC has seen cyber-attacks on its network with attempts to steal its

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