Meteoroid Lab

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Purpose: The purpose is to determine if the angle of impact affects the diameter and depth of a crater.

Background Research: A meteoroid is a small chunk of rock that has been broken apart from a much larger chunk of rock called an asteroid, these chunks of rock are located in between Mars and Jupiter, called the asteroid belt. When a meteoroid has been knocked out of the asteroid belt and is on it way towards earth the meteoroid is now a meteor, if the the meteor hits the ground it changes to a meteorite. When the meteorite makes contact with the ground it causes a crater to form, craters are holes on the ground made by the impact of a meteoroid coming towards earth.

Hypothesis: If the angle of impact changes, then the diameter of the crater
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The string should be in a straight line.
Step #3- Use the tube and lift it up from keeping it from touching the flour, remove the protractor that way it won’t be there when the marble drops
Step #4- Release the marble from the top.
Step #6- Remove the Tube, and remove the marble with the spoons carefully.
Step #7- Measure the diameter in millimeters with a ruler, and jot down what the answer is on trial one.
Step #8- Measure the depth in millimeters with a ruler, and jot down the answer on trial 1.
Step #9- Repeat the steps 1-8 another 2 times
Step #10- Smooth out the flour once more and place the protractor on top of the flour and pull the string to the number 45.
Step #11- Repeat steps 3-9. But jot down the depth and diameter on trial 2
Step #12- Repeat step 10, but instead of pulling the string to the number 45 pull it to the number 20.
Step #13- Repeat steps 3-9, but jot down the depth and diameter on trial
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