Metformin Against Tumor Progression: A Case Study

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Metformin is one of the most widely prescribed antidiabetics for the type 2 diabetes. The critical role of metformin against tumorigenesis has recently been implicated, although several studies also reported the lack of anticancer property of the antidiabetics. Given the controversies regarding the potential role of metformin against tumour progression, the effect of metformin against breast, cervical and ovarian tumour cell lines was examined followed by in vivo assessment of metformin on tumour growth using xenograft breast cancer models. Significant The significant / A significant inhibitory impact of metformin was found on MCF-7, HeLa, and SKOV-3 cells, suggesting an antiproliferative property of metformin against breast, cervical and ovarian tumour cells, respectively, with the breast tumour cells, MCF-7, being the most responsiveness. in vivo assessment was carried out subsequently, where mice with breast tumours were treated with metformin (20 mg/kg bo. wt.) or sterile PBS solution for 15 consecutive days. No inhibition of breast tumour progression was detected in these rats. However, tumour necrosis was significantly increased in the metformin-treated group, accompanied by decreased capillary formation within the tumours.…show more content…
Thus, despite the lack of short-term benefit of metformin against tumour progression, a preventive role of metformin against breast cancer was implicated in this study, which is at partially attributable to the attenuation of tumour
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