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Not very may people know exactly what methadone is, what it is used for, and why it is necessary. Addiction is an illness, and there are many substances that enable addiction. People who are addicted to opioids are just like anyone else who has an illness, they are sick. People who are ill need medicine, and methadone is a medicine that is used to treat people who are sick with opioid addiction. Methadone has been used for 35 years in the treatment of opioid addiction and has helped millions of recovering addicts (Methadone and You 4:1) Methadone is a effective way to help opiate and heroin addicts control their addiction, return to normal life and become a contributing person of society,
O'Brien, Roberts and Cohen tell
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At the time of enrollment into a MMT clinic, the addict usually has opiates in his or her system. Methadone also has substantially helped with AIDS cases among heroin users, as those who are in MMT are not likely to use needles. MMT is dispensed orally three different ways. First is through the use of tablets, which usually contain 40 milligrams of methadone. They are dissolved in water in a small dosing cup and then administered to the patient. The second way is methadone powder, dosed similarly to tablets. This method is seldom used in clinics today. The third and final way is through a liquid that already contains methadone dissolved in it. The liquid is usually flavored cherry to take away the natural bitter taste of methadone. This liquid form is dispensed into a small dosing cup through the use of a computer controlled dosing device that can regulate the dose down to even a milligram. This method is the most popular method of dosing used in clinics today. For the average person, methadone lasts approximately 24-36 hours. Methadone does not make the addict feel "high" like other opiates, though when methadone is first administered some will feel a mild "glow" that lasts for a few hours. This glow usually is temporary and will subside as the patient attains a stable dose. Patients who are receiving a stable dose
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