Metho Drinker by Judith Wright

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CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Explanation, Analysis, Interpretation | Metho DrinkerUnder the death of winter's leaves he lies who cried to Nothing and the terrible night to be his home and bread. "O take from me the weight and waterfall ceaseless Time that batters down my weakness; the knives of light whose thrust I cannot turn; the cruelty of human eyes that dare not touch nor pity." Under the worn leaves of the winter city safe in the house of Nothing now he lies. His white and burning girl, his woman of fire, creeps to his heart and sets a candle there to melt away the flesh that hides from bone, to eat the nerve that tethers him in time. He will lie warm until the bone is bare and on a dead dark moon he wakes alone. It was for Death he took…show more content…
| Interpret (tell me why you think the poet wants to use such images)As such, a sense of gloom permeates the writing. | Don't copy my writing exactly: your teacher is going to spot it immediately. After you have read and understood it, paraphrase using your own words, ok! You can use the words and phrases I have used here (e.g. BLEAK, CHILLING, PERMEATES etc). Don't forget to use connectors like HENCE, THEREFORE, NEVERTHELESS, INDEED etc. YOU CAN DO IT! The vocab is all there in your brain, just think about the best way to use it and remix it. Paragraph 1 Explain (tell me what image the poem brings to mind)She begins by describing the "death of winter's leaves". | Analyse (tell me how the poet creates this image - choice of words, literary devices, implication etc)The idea of a freezing, harsh climate is emphasized with "winter's city" and "winter's leaves". The poet uses words like "death" and "terrible" to highlight the freezing, barren winter. | Interpret (tell me why you think the poet wants to use such images)The image of dead leaves in winter weather brings to mind ideas of decay, hopelessness and coldness. The poet wants to highlight how depressing an addiction to drinking metho is. | Build your points up with this 3-part formula: EXPLAIN + ANALYSE + INTERPRET. Don't forget to build quotations ("...") into your sentences once in a while, wherever appropriate. Paragraph 2 Explain (tell me what image the poem brings to mind)Image from

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