Method. Design. The Study Was Designed As A Randomized

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Method Design The study was designed as a randomized experiment with two groups that were tested for short term memory recall of a set of pictorial stimuli. The independent variable was the form of rehearsal. One group was only allowed to visually observe the stimuli for rehearsal, while the other group drew visualizations of the stimuli for rehearsal. The dependent variable was the short term recall ability of the participants, measured by the number of stimuli images that were recalled. Participants College students were the population of interest. A convenience sample was used to recruit participants from a single Research Methods in Psychology class at Rowan University. Recruitment was limited to the specific class so that the…show more content…
Participants in the experimental group were told to draw their visualization of the stimulus images on the blank sheets of paper, while the control group was instructed to only observe the images. Both groups were told to prepare for the next image when black slides were shown, as well as ceasing work on their current drawing, if applicable. After the explanation, the participants were shown a presentation that was projected on to a screen located in the front of the room. The presentation that contained the 15 stimulus images was created in advance using Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft Corporation, 2013). The images were selected from a background study that listed images found to have a high percentage of people correctly identify what objects the images portrayed (Snodgrass & Vanderwart, 1980). The presentation was programed to show each image for 20 seconds. Each image was followed by a black screen for a five second rest period. A slide explaining the interference task was presented for 20 seconds. The interference task was based upon activities found to disrupt working memory (Brown, 1958; Peterson & Peterson, 1959). The final slide of the presentation instructed the participants to follow the directions on the recall sheet. The recall slide was presented for two minutes. The stimulus images and interference task are described in further
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