Method Of The Photolithography During The Wafer Processing

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EXPERIMENT NUMBER : 03 PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY: RESIST SPIN COATING, SOFT BAKE, PATTERNING (EXPOSURE), POST EXPOSURE BAKE (PEB), DEVELOP AND THICKNESS MEASUREMENTS AMUDHINI RAJENDIRAN 1001362170 SPRING 2017 EE 5343 ABSTRACT: The purpose of this experiment is to scrutinize the method of the photolithography during the wafer processing. There are two parts in this experiment. The first part is to coat the wafer using resist element with the help of spin coating technique at different spin speed then soft bake it and then measuring the thickness of the wafer using Ellipsometer to know the resistance formed on the surface of the wafer. Second we apply the photoresist to the wafer then it is placed in the mask aligner where the…show more content…
The resist layer is selectively exposed to a form of radiation, such as ultraviolet light, electrons, or x-rays using an exposure tool and mask to effect the desired selective exposure. The patterns in the resist are formed when the resist is developed so that the areas of resist remaining after development protect the substrate regions which they cover. Locations from which resist has been removed are subjected to one or more additive or subtractive processes that transfer the pattern onto the substrate surface. II. PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY PROCESS: 1. SUBSTRATE PREPARATION: Substrate preparation is intended to improve the adhesion of the photoresist material to the substrate. This is accomplished by one or more of the following processes: substrate cleaning to remove contamination dehydration bake to remove water addition of an adhesion promoter. Figure 1: Example of a typical sequence of lithographic processing steps 2. PHOTORESIST COATING: A thin, uniform coating of photoresist at a specific, well controlled thickness is accomplished by the seemingly simple process of spin coating. The photoresist, rendered into a liquid form by dissolving the solid components in a solvent, is poured onto the wafer, which is then spun on a turntable at a high speed producing the desired film. Photoresist is applied to the center of the oxidized silicon wafer that is held down by a vacuum chuck.

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