Method . To Help Better Understand The Effects Of Parents’

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Method To help better understand the effects of parents’ divorce on children I read a book call Divorce Poison and it help me to understand how important is for parents to act toward each other in a phrase of divorce and that they should reach out and get professional help. I also read an articles called “The changing face of the American family: A conversation with JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin.” This articles explains how culture and economic cause the rate of divorces. In the articles Rafael Alvarez quotes from Andrew J. Cherlin about how American marriage and family life differed fundamentally from the other Western countries—Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc… College graduates are getting married later and waiting…show more content…
People change. These people will argue to the successful toxic marriage to prove that they can get a divorce. However, in the interview with Rosalind Sedacca (Sedacca 2016) she explains otherwise in her interview, “Should I stay in a toxic marriage for the sake of the kids--or divorce?” Sedacca explained that yes people change but before parents decide to get a divorce have they really try to work things out with their partner because “When you’re a divorced parent it’s a life-long commitment to co-parenting your children in the best way for them. That means learning how to cooperate and make decisions truly on their behalf.” (Sedacca 2016). In fact parents selfishness leads to lack of consideration and respect. If too many important needs are neglected over time, the unloved spouse feels used or taken advantage of. When marriage partners don’t trust their needs will be met, they tend to meet their own needs first and become hesitant to share freely of themselves. In other words, people who thinks like this will never make a happy marriage because they will think staying in a relationship for the sake of the children will help but honestly if the relationship

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