Methodological And Practice Based Evidence Based Practice

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Methodological Issues While there are many people that think that evidence based practice and practice based evidence should stay the way that they are. If you took both of these and used them together it could provide the appropriate treatments and meet the needs of the patients. Evidence based practice and practice based evidence play a big part in the treatment of a patient and their mental health. Evidence based treatment would be a lot better if the research was focused on each patient and what their needs are. There a many mental disorders that require different treatments and most of them are evidence based, but this does not look at each patient individually, and there a many people with health problems that could use both of the research and evidence to help them get better. Evidence based practice and practice based evidence are a big part of a treatment process. These two can provide appropriate treatment that is needed to make advances in health care practices. Having enough evidence helps people determine whether to do something or not. To provide the best possible treatment for each patient you have to take information and see what will work best for each of your patients. Some will work and some will not work. Methodological issues can arise with in any type of research and some are more controversial than others. In the article “Practice Based Evidence: Back to the Future” (2011) the point of view was that research comes from evidence and that
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