Methodological Issues in Educational Research: A Review of Two Articles

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2-3). Philosophical assumptions with regard to epistemology and ontology greatly influence instructional strategies and methods. Four philosophical perspectives are reviewed: objectivism and realism, idealism and rationalism, relativism, and pragmatism. The article goes on to discuss the use of three qualitative methods used in the field of educational technology research: ethnography, case study, and designed based.

The author asserts that unlike other fields a rigorous qualitative study in educational technology is loosely defined. Data is often collected from a short period of time and identities of race, gender, class, and culture of both students and teachers are frequently absent. However, the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has proposed a set of criteria conducting qualitative research in the field of educational technology in order to increase rigor, validity, and social relevance.

Value of Article Regarding Educational Research Practice The inherent problems of qualitative…
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