Methodology Adopted for Study about Leasing Business in Mauritius

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It will consider the methodology of a study among the Mauritian population possessing a vehicle.

4.1 Research Process
According to Kotler (1996), research is the systematic collection, analysis, reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific situation.

This research has involved five steps:
 Formulating the research problem
 Developing the research plan
 Collecting the information
 Analysis and interpretation of data
 Presentation of findings

4.2 Formulating research problem The goal with this research has been to investigate about:
i. the evolution of the leasing business among the individual of Mauritius

ii. to see all the factors affecting both the lessee and the lessor

iii. to compare the benefits of leasing vis a vis other sources of finance

iv. to see if the leasing business is famous among Mauritian population.

4.3 Developing Research Plan
4.3.1 Data Sources
Data has been retrieved from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data has been obtained from questionnaires which were set for the Mauritian people possessing a vehicle. Primary data was collected directly from firsthand experience. Secondary data was acquired from books, internet, financial magazines and the statistics from the Central Statistical Office (CSO).

4.3.2 Research approaches

This is a descriptive…
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