Methodology And Methods Of An Methodology

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Methodology and methods
The chosen methodology for this project is a case study. The term methodology is an overall approach for a particular study (Sim and Wright, 2000). Case studies have been described as collecting small qualitative data (Gerring, 2007) focused on narrow, in-depth examinations of chosen topics (Savin-Baden and Major, 2012). This chosen methodology works well with my interpretivist paradigm approach whereby I intend to explore the viewpoint of one participant (Baxter and Jack, 2008) and depict the issues they encounter as a teacher. It is also beneficial to my project as it is a pilot study therefore is on a small scale and likely to provide in depth data which could be applicable to others (Merriam,
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To be able to explore different areas of inquiry and have valuable data from my interview I will need to encourage my participant to talk freely and to feel relaxed when responding to my questions (Clough and Nutbrown, 2007). By collecting this data this way I will be addressing my research question (Sim and Wright, 2000).

As my research question is an exploratory one carrying out a semi-structured interview is beneficial to my work because I intend gain insight and understanding to the issues teachers face. However, an issue with my chosen method is it will take place over the phone. This limits my data and I because my participant may not feel comfortable opening up without face-to-face interaction. However this may benefit my work as the phone can be a comfort for them.
Due to this project being a small-scale pilot study, the paper requires only one example of a data collection method. As a result of this I am limited as I only have the opportunity to interview my participant once (Newbury, 2009). In spite of this, the loose structure of the interview can cover all topics which are vital to my research (Bell,2010). I will also have the advantage of taking my time during the interview. By carrying out a semi-structured interview I can ask questions which I may not have initially intended to ask. The conversation will not follow a strict structure nor time scale therefore allows my
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