Methodology And Methods Of Public Open Space Management

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Chapter2: Methodology and Methods 2.1 Introduction This chapter provides an overview of the methods used in the research. Literature review is the fundamental method for the research. Through a review on previous literature, the context of public open space management and different dimensions of place-keeping will be established as essential evidence on the data analysis and recommendation part of the following chapter. In addition, this research follows a case study approach as the main research method, whereby three community gardens in London is used to find out whether the long-term management process is happening or not, and how it is operated. 2.2 Literature review-methods used when reviewing Literature was started with…show more content…
2.3 Case study-the crucial approach of the research Case study is regarded as a particularly useful approach for the research. There are a great number of books and paper write about how to conduct qualitative studies. Case study as one of them are often mentioned and widely used in academic research (Sykes, 1990; Denzin and Lincoln 2000; Rossman and Marshall 1999). Through investigate on one or more cases, such method can provide a comprehensive analysis on the context and detailed processes (Meyer 2001). As Leonard (1990) argued, case study is a particular way to tackle with how and why questions. Furthermore, a great advantage of case study is that it helps to get more information on the holistic view of the process. In other words, researchers can get information of the case from different aspects, make comparison among them and examine the inter-relationship within the total environment. Although single case is acceptable in case study method, it is not enough to achieve generalizability. Leonard (1990) argued that multi-case approach can avoid the limitation on generalizability, also make the findings more
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