Methodology And Research Characteristics Of An Exercise Program

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Methodology and Research Characteristics The researchers’ goal is to identify factors that contribute to individuals dropping out of an exercise program, before developing a lasting behavior change. Random controlled trials (RCT) have served as the traditional research method used by psychological research studies, in regards to the topic of positive psychology. To effectively evaluate an intervention’s effect, on an individual’s psychosocial factors, the utilization of qualitative research protocol is necessary.
Researchers utilized an ethnographic research approach, whereas, the underlying social aspect of individuals embarking on a public exercise intervention, dictated this as the most reliant methodology. Therefore, this
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The eight participants in the active group, were compiled with five females and three males, ages 26-47, each was supplied a pulse-watch and free access to a particular gym, the use of a coach, responsible for meeting the participants at the beginning and end of the study as well as every five weeks throughout the study, in addition to an internet-based food and lifestyle journal. The coach’s goal is to motivate individuals, with oral encouragement, in order to improve the experience of the intervention (Kerkelä, Jonsson, Lindwall, & Strand, 2015). Meanwhile, the control resumed their ordinary lives, only returning for the post study work-up. The strength of this study can be related to the detailed analysis completed by the stress study, this information made the selection of their participants toughly vetted. The weakness of this study lies in the small sample size, in addition to the inability to monitor and record the complexities of personal, and professional, daily influences. Whereas, these influences are significant, and can play a major role an individual’s commitment. Additionally, researcher bias plays a role in the collection of data, as individual interpretation of participant’s actions can be skewed, by personal beliefs.
Researchers utilized thematic analysis for data collection, this flexible methodology grants themes within the data to materialize within the scope of the analysis. The interview process
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