Methodology Essay

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Methodology essay While conducting research there are many different methods in which to find out results. It is essential to use and carry out the best form of research technique in order to gain the best and most accurate results for the intended piece of research. Firstly the researcher should be able to identify if they need primary or secondary research to gain data upon before they start identifying which different techniques they should use. Primary research looks into a topic or choice that no other researcher has yet to conduct. It may be a brand new topic, possibly research into a new company, medicine, or new piece legislation and its affects. Primary research tends to gain results from qualitative methods such as…show more content…
As well interviews allow flexible questioning. This may be a question in response to a reply from the person being questioned. This question may not have initially been prepared for the topic but be used at the time to dwell further into the respondents answers to gain a more accurate result. However, unless interviews are being carried out among staff in the personal work area, as in my case, then interviews can be quite expensive. If having to travel around from one area to another to reach the perfect respondent from company to company then travel costs can be a big effect on results if the researcher doesn’t set aside an adequate amount. Also there is always the possibility of revisiting the interviewee to ask further questions. This will again add on to the travel costs. As interviews are usually personal meetings between people, then they are always subject to bias. Whether it is the researcher doesn’t like the person being questioned or they may not like their answers. Also interviews can be time consuming so it is important an adequate amount of time is set aside to gain all the results needed through initial interviews and possible revisits. Focus groups are a form of qualitative research. This allows an interactive group setting discuss their opinions, perceptions and beliefs towards a certain subject. It is a quick and easy way to gain sample size results from an open
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