Methodology. The Type Of Research Used In This Exploration

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Methodology The type of research used in this exploration is qualitative data, Qualitative data utilizes the idea of multiple realities, this is that it rejects the positivist idea of one “real” certainty. To reflect the ideas of my research I will review several instances in which a Trump Presidency will impact the United States and the morale of the American people. As cases of President Trump’s, verbiage either reflects divisive language that is harmful to culture and the well-being of America or if his language reflects the progression of America for all, in spite of individual differences. What I am assessing is the relationship of President Trump on America as we know it, but more importantly the American people. The aim will…show more content…
An ethnomethodology will be conducted to understand the relationship between President Trump and the people of the nation. As ethnomethodology interprets the opinions of the people, not focusing on what is right or wrong, but how what is said or done is interpreted. This study will attempt to learn how our President will influence how the people will respond to him. In America and society in general, social responses are seemingly just as important as fact based responses. How America views our president and responds to the president as a nation will give guidance as to his impact on the country. The interaction of the President and the people will be essential to understand the ethnomethodology, making sense of these connections will be crucial. The goal is to understand the practices by which society make sense of their worlds. To better understand the impact of President Trump, from an ethnomethodology standpoint, a roundtable conversation will take place. Utilizing ten to fifteen family members and colleagues, in a combined setting to best interpret President Trump’s impact. Seemingly, as these individuals represent a diverse range of perspectives, they will be conducive to understanding some of the concerns, appreciation and disdain for President Trump. Focusing on several key points and pertinent issues, insight will be gained from a review of the following topics: • Unity and Division • Immigration • The Economy •
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